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Back to School Service Project Ideas

Family Home Evening: Back to School Service Project Ideas

A new school year is just around the corner. There are many stores that are already advertising their back-to-school sales. One thing I loved was going to the store and purchasing my new school supplies. There’s just something fun and exciting about getting brand new pencils, notebooks, binders, backpacks and so on. However, there are many that are unable to experience the thrill of going to get the very basics to begin their new school year.

Gather your family, group, neighborhood, church group, etc and make a check list of basic back-to-school items that you can circulate around your circle of influence and seek donations of these items. Remember that you can take these lists into local medical offices and businesses and ask for them to gather items as well as an office service project.

Here is a simple supply list for you to use:

- #2 Pencils

- Crayons

- Color Pencils

- Scissors

- Erasers

- Glue Sticks

- Spiral notebooks

- Pencil case

- Pocket folders

- Pkg. lined paper

- Binders

- Rulers

-Black, blue and red pens

- Calculators

- Boxes of tissue

- Hand Sanitizer

- Subject dividers

- Pocket dictionary/thesaurus

- Highlighters

- Student Planner/Calendar

- Stapler/Stapler remover

*Once you have your items collected contact your local schools and school district and find out how you can drop the needed items off to be distributed to those who the schools/districts know are in need.

This is a very simple service project that you can involve just you and your spouse, your children, group, organization and so on and make such a huge difference in helping someone in need.

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FREE PRINTABLE for the School Kits: 

Use this printable as a tag on your kits! (It prints as a 4 x 6 print. You can hole punch the top right corner to tie around your kits)

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Cultivate the Summer Mind

Summer is here and school is OUT! It’s time for family reunions, vacations and the long days of summer. According to many studies, from the end of  school to the beginning of the school year there is a loss in education with children. End of year tests scores reflect a hard year of focus and improvement while many test scores at the beginning of the school year reflect the need to catch up on some basics.

You can cultivate your summer mind as you focus on learning activities throughout the summer as well as all the fun activities. Just spend 30 minutes each day sharpening your skills and stay ahead for the new school year!

Here are some helpful hints to get started:

Monday: Math Day

10 minutes: Find a math worksheet online to complete and keep those math skills sharp. You can work on advancing your skills and be prepared for the new school year, if you want to challenge yourself!

20 minutes: Read. Make a summer reading chart. Set goals for reading and also set rewards for completing your goals. (Visiting the water park, camping in the backyard for a night, etc)


Tuesday: Writing & Spelling

10 minutes: Pick 10-20 new words to study. Test each other on spelling them correctly. Search the Internet for your grade (for the new school year) spelling list and start working on that list. Also, practicing writing sentences, paragraphs, poems or short stories.

20 minutes: Continue working on your reading chart.


Wednesday: Art Day and Music

10 minutes: Learn about an artist from history. What made them unique? What type of artist were they? What were some of their famous pieces? For music, you can study classical composers and listen to some of their music.

For additional fun, you can paint, sculpt, play music similar to those you choose to study each week. You can also visit local art galleries and museums.

20 minutes: Continue working on your reading chart.


Thursday: Science

10 minutes: Choose a different science topic each week. You can focus on studying the planets, constellations, plants, animals, etc. Summer time is a perfect time to catch meteor showers, go out into the mountains and see all the stars, visit zoos, botanical gardens and so forth.

20 minutes: Continue working on your reading chart.


Friday: Craft or Play Day

10 minutes: There are countless arts and craft ideas online. Your first week could be spent planning out the remainder of the summer’s arts and crafts ideas. You can also combine a craft with playing outdoors.

Homemade Sprinkler (craft + play idea)

Materials Needed:

2 Liter Soda Bottle

Garden Hose

Scissors (or Knife) *Only to be used with adult supervision.

Instructions: Take the two liter bottle, punch several holes all around the bottle. Attach the water hose inside of the bottle and throw the bottle over a backyard tree branch and turn the water on. This creates a fun homemade sprinkler you can play in all summer long!

20 minutes: Continue working on your reading chart. When you are done with your reading chart, be sure to complete the activity or reward you created for your reading goal! Don’t stop with just one chart – if you fill it up, start a new chart with a new goal and keep reading all summer long!

Be sure get lots of exercise during the summer as well. Look for summer camps that can help you learn new skills and develop new talents.

Summer Children's Education Chart copy  If you really want to challenge yourself, here is a chart for you to use!

Click the link to download the PDF file to print! Summer Children’s Education Chart-Family Home Evening


Preventing Summer Boredom

Summer can seem like a long and chaotic time if you have kids and do not have a plan. Here are some ideas to help your family’s summer become more eventful and fulfilling.

Create a play group & meet once or twice a week. Figure out a schedule with the other parents and pick places to meet or go.

Sign your children up for camps, sports, programs or classes at your local recreation center, university, children’s museum, or library.

Make goals with your children and encourage them to help with chores.
Play Bag: Get a mesh bag and put these things in it: Sunscreen, sand box toys, side walk chalk, bubbles, balls of different sizes, catching games, etc.


Activity Ideas

Water Play Park/water park
Water games
Water fights (Sponges may take place of water balloons and spray bottles may take the place of water guns)
Amusement Parks
Ride Bikes/Scooters
Little red Wagon rides
Hay rides
Farm visits
Horse riding
Zoo visits
Camping-(roast marshmallows, make s’mores, roast hot dogs)
Boat rides
Treasure hunts
Obstacle course
Lawn bowling
Fort building
Camping in the backyard
Picnics (With Stuffed animals)
Paint with water on the sidewalk and watch it evaporate
Farmer’s Market
Tag and chase games
Simon says
Red Light Green Light
Red Rover
Visit major landmarks
Make movies
Get family together

(At home)
Arts & Crafts
Camp indoors (pitch tent in a room)
Card/Board games
Educational stuff
Sight words
Letter writing
Book making
Story time
Hide and seek
Sing songs
Play restaurant for lunch/dinner (Make menus, set table etc.)
Indoor picnic
Dress up
Toys-blocks, dolls, cars trucks, etc.
(Let your child DIRECT THE PLAY- you don’t always have to come up with the ideas.)
Make puppets
Do puppet shows
Get video camera out & MAKE MOVIES

(Going places)
Library trips (Check Story times and events)
Kids gyms
Children’s Museums
Pottery sculpting places for kids
Cooking classes/schools for kids
Home Depot classes
Michael’s Arts and Crafts classes
Lakeshore learning Saturday craft making
Dollar movies/matinees
Theater-plays, cultural center events
Sporting goods store

*Remember to carry your camera around for the memories!
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Picture credit Picture is a link to article: “Creating a Summer Schedule”