Purpose: We all have a unique identity and role. We learn in "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" that "Gender is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose."
We also have unique gifts and talents (tools) that will help us in our lives, plus be able to help others around us.

Let us work harder to learn about, develop and honor our divine roles and use our heavenly gifts for good.

Scripture: Mosiah 4:15

Song: "I Am A Child of God"


Have you ever looked through all the tools in your Dad's or Grandpa's toolbox and wondered what in the world can all these tools possibly do? Have you ever wanted to create something or fix something that was broken, but didn't have the right tool to use?

As we celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day during May and June, may we contemplate all the gifts and tools that come with these divine roles. (Divine means like-God)

Name 3 roles/jobs Mothers play in the family.

Name 3 roles/jobs Father's play in the family.

There are also many jobs, or roles, that each child plays in the family as well.

Likewise it is the same with our earthly family. We each have our own gifts, or tools, that we have been given to help others.

For example, Brother Stoddard loves riding bikes! He also is very willing to help others fix their broken bikes. He shared an example from when he was repairing a broken bike:

As I used the wrench to tighten a certain area of the bike, I looked at all the other tools that I have available to me. I have a air pump, pliers, screw driver and so on.
However, I can't use a wrench to do the job of the air pump and the air pump can't do the job of the screw driver.

This doesn't mean that one tool is better than another. Each tool has a task or job that it can help out with specifically.

We have many spiritual and physical tools we have been given as well. We have gifts that others don't have and others have gifts that we don't have. Our Father in Heaven needs us to be willing to help each other out and use our gifts we've been given. If he didn't want us to help others, we would only have one tool in the toolbox.

But, because we are all different, we need to learn what our gifts and talents are, develop them throughout our life and be willing to use these gifts to help others. In this way, we are honoring the gifts He has blessed us with and perhaps, He'll put more tools in our toolbox.


1. What are some gifts/tools of those individuals in your family?

2. How can these tools help you today?

3. How can these tools help you become the kind of Mother or Father you want to be?

4. What are some ways we can honor our gifts/talents?


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