PURPOSE: The Law of Tithing helps teaches us obedience and sacrifice. Whenever the Lord gives us a commandment, His blessings for us being obedient are always waiting for us as well.
With this Family Home Evening Lesson on Tithing, you can begin teaching your children this important gospel principle early and repeat it throughout their lives.

Hymn: I'm Glad to Pay A Tithing

Scripture: Malachi

Lesson: This lesson starts with an opening activity to help teach the concept.

Prepare by creating "Jobs" for your children to do. Keep this very simple and short because it's only to provide an example of the principles being taught.

Example: Job #1: Wipe off kitchen table= 10¢

Be sure to create enough small jobs or a few large jobs and have each child earn 50¢ or $1.00 (paid out in nickles or dimes)

Discussion: Working is something everyone needs to do. We do chores at home to help keep our rooms and home clean and tidy. Sometimes you may earn money by doing chores at home or jobs in your neighborhood.

Sometimes our Mom, Dad or both parents work outside the home to help pay for your home, clothes, food and other things. What are other things your parents pay for?

When we earn money from working, the Lord asks us to pay 1/10 of our earnings to Him. This is called TITHING. Tithing means tenth.

1. Why does the Lord need us to pay money to the church?

2. What are some ways tithing supports our church?

3. How do we pay our tithing?

*You may also want to have an actual tithing envelope for the children to fill out. You can practice what you do when you hand in your tithing and discuss who you give it to.

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