Purpose: This special Family Home Evening is to focus on "GIVING" our gift to our Savior who's birth we celebrate at Christmas time. 

Often times we can get lost in the shuffle of Christmas parties, festivals, shopping, wrapping and forgot to even consider what gift we want to give to Christ - the REASON for this SEASON. 

"O Holy Night" (See YouTube video link below)

Scripture: Doc & Cov 59: 7 & 8


The Purple Box
by: Jill Hunt

What a year this has been from beginning,

 to this very end.

What lessons I have learned - good and bad,

increasing the faith that I have had.

The gifts I give this season,

wrapped under the tree -

Will only last this lifetime,

unlike this gift I give to Thee.

The purpose of The Purple Box™ is to focus
your thoughts on giving a gift to our Savior, 
Jesus Christ. It is His birth we celebrate this
season. While so many wonderful traditions
come with this season, find time to start this
new tradition of finding personal time to 
think of a gift you’d love to give your Savior.
Write it down, place in the Purple Box and 
keep it under the tree. Find time throughout 
the year to reflect on how well you’re doing 
with this gift.


1. What are some ways in which we can focus more on the Savior this Christmas?

2. We receive blessings throughout the year... what are some of the blessings/gifts we have received this year?

Activity: *2- part activity

Part #1: Create Your Purple Box

Materials: box, purple paint, paint brush, ribbon, scissors

Obtain the box that you would like to paint, or cover with scrapbook paper for your color purple. You can have a small box for each member of the family or have one box for the entire family. 

Let these dry as you each work on Part #2.

Part#2: The Purple Box Stationary

Print out "The Purple Box" stationary and write what gift(s) you would like to give the Savior this year on Christmas.

Place inside your Purple Box. Then place the Purple Box under the Christmas tree. 

These will be packed away in the Christmas decorations until next year. When you pull out your Purple Boxes the following Christmas, you can look over your letters and see how well you did at the gift you gave to Christ. Keep these as family keepsakes/journals. 

Repeat "The Purple Box" each year as a new family tradition.

Sharing "The Purple Box" With Your Neighbors, Family & Friends...

You can use the poem "The Purple Box" and create purple boxes to give as gifts for your neighbors, family and friends so that they can take part in this new tradition. 

"The Purple Box" Stationary:
Share "The Purple Box" --- Printables to share with friends, neighbors or family.



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