Purpose: If your Spring or summer days are dragging on and you’re wondering what adventure you can do next, then pack up your sidewalk chalk and go for a little service stroll for Family Home Evening!

Lesson: Service is a trademark attribute of the followers of Jesus Christ. There are many, many ways in which we can serve others. At times we may have the thought that someone could use a visit, but do we choose to go and visit them?

The Lord uses us to help his children here on earth. He has entrusted each of us to serve one another, as He would serve us as if He were here. 

Service helps us to set aside our selfish thoughts and desires by putting others first. Doing kind acts help each of us grow in character, as well as in testimony of the importance of serving and being served.

Discussion: Serving others doesn’t have to be a huge under-taking. Review these questions with your family, group or ward.

– How does it feel to serve others?

– Why is important to serve others?

– Have you ever received service from someone else? How did it feel to be served?

– What are some ways you can serve someone this week?


Think of 2-3 people or families that you can create a “Sidewalk Service” to. Be sure that adults supervise and OK which homes you visit and where you draw your pictures. 

Create a happy message to let the family/individual know how much they are loved and appreciated. 

You can leave a note on their door so that they can find your drawing.  

Check out this fun, easy and delicious treat for Family Home Evening! It would be simple to have as you walked around doing your Sidewalk Service as well!
(photo from Ziplock)

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