PURPOSE: As we gather every six months to listen to the council, instruction and wisdom of the general authorities of the church, we are also asked to make every effort to study the talks until the next conference. 

How many times have you had "good intentions" on creating those study habits for talks from General Conference, but never got to it?!

This guide is available for you or your family to meet together in a Family Council or Family Home Evening and decide which six talks you want to study together (one per month) either during a Family Council or Family Home Evening.

Hymn: "Come Listen To A Prophet's Voice"

Scripture:Doctrine & Covenants 21:4-7


1. Which talk(s) spoke to you individually as something you want to focus on for yourself?

2. Which talk(s) did you hear that you feel would help unify the family?

3. Which talk(s) do you feel would benefit a friend, neighbor, family member? Make a plan to share the message/copy of the talk with them by a certain date.

Action Plan:

1. Fill out the attached General Conference Family Study Guide below with the six talks you want to focus on the most.  

2. Set a date for when you will meet together as a family to ready, study and discuss the talk that particular month. 

3. If you want to do this on an individual level IN ADDITION TO the family study time, make an additional copy for yourself and follow the same steps. 

WATCH: Visit LDS.org and watch General Conference or the talks you have planned out.