Jill's thoughts: Use this as an FHE theme for discussion one night when time is short, but you still want to get a lesson in with the family...

Many of you have enjoyed the stunning photo gallery of the transformation of the Provo Temple. I have always been and continued to be in awe of the details, thought, symbolism and beauty that goes into every teeny, tiny detail of the temples.
The detail I want to focus on this week can be found as we look at the photo below of the tabernacle being supported by these steel beams as they excavated underneath to prepare a solid foundation for the temple and to also prepare the baptistery.

As I have seen this photo over and over again, my mind is drawn to the incredible, 112-year-old historical building resting on these beams. As I relate this to myself and what one of many lessons we can pull from this image is this:

Some people wonder why we teach the same doctrines over and over again. I had a chance recently to speak with a teenage girl of our faith who had mentioned to me her struggles with believing in our church. As a return missionary, my mind went back to finding out where my young friend stood with her testimony of the 5 basic key areas; Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost, Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. As we did a "scale of 1-10 where is your testimony on each of these areas," we were able to see what areas she needed to work on.

I showed her this exact photo of the Provo Temple. 

I shared with her that although you have been working on building yourself up to who you are today for the past 17 years, there comes a time when we need to make sure that our testimonies are fortified and strong. What are the areas of weakness in our testimony?

Is it due to lack of experience? Lack of knowledge? Both? 
(What I mean by lack of experience is for example, my friend started out at a 10 with the Holy Ghost, but quickly started changing her answer lower and lower until she got to about 7 and I stopped her and asked why she keeps going down. Did she have experiences where she's felt the influence of the Holy Ghost? Yes. Was is it more knowledge of who He is, the role, etc --basically, knowledge-- that she was lacking? Yes. In some cases, there's probably both that are valid.)

When we recognize the areas, how and what we can do to fortify our foundation, it is imperative that we give our best efforts to strengthen them. 

When we can make our foundations SOLID and we can continue to build our structures into who our Father in Heaven knows what we can become... how stunning will our divine structure be?

Photo Credit: MormonNewsroom.org