PURPOSE: We live in a society that is rapidly changing where we are constantly in communication with people all over the country and world at the tips of our fingers.
Learning, discussing and teaching basic manners will help us be better connected people in a world that is becoming unconnected socially.

Luke 6:31

SONG: "Kindness Begins With Me"

Manners are basic rules that a society practices to show respect for one another.

There are different manners used in every country of the world, even different mannerisms used
in different places around the United States.

Japan: Bow to greet. The younger person bows lower than the oldest person when greeting one another. It is also impolite to blow your nose in public or stand with your hands in your pocket. Leaving a little bit of rice in your bowl indicates you want seconds.

Use handshakes to greet one another. Eating is usually done in silence. Kenyans do not like to say
“no” or “yes” and you must ask permission to take pictures of them.


1. Why are manners important?
2. What are some manners that you know?
3. How can work on using our manners better?

Deeper Discussion:

1. What are some ways that we can improve our manners in regards to electronic devices and being at home or in public?

2. How do you see having better manners can help you with your interactions now and in your future?


1. Perform various manners/customs from around the world and have your family/group guess what country practices those manner/customs.

2. Print and do the Manners Matching Game below.

3. Get with 1-2 other families and have an Etiquette Night.



11/28/2016 9:42am

Such a good tips shared regarding to teach the little children's that how to sit formally in a family get together and what should be the manners that should be followed while having a dinner with them.

12/22/2016 12:05am

I believed that the foundation of the society is family. Family is the most basic unit of the society. The good manner starts at home. As a parent, I want my child grew and learned first in home for them to be able a good citizen when they go outside in the real world. Thank you for sharing these tips.

12/23/2016 10:59pm

Very interesting or an helpful blog for getting manner tips and for getting more knowledge this blog helpful in future also.


You should teach your kids a good manners. To be polite is to be smart firstly.


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