Purpose: Personal revelation is when we receive guidance for our own lives. Growing up, our parents give us guidance (which means to direct or teach). They help us know that hot ovens can burn us, so we don't touch ourselves. They teach us to look both ways before crossing a street - their guidance comes from loving us. They want us to be protected and give us the correct directions to help us have that protection.
Personal revelation is when we seek our own understanding and guidance in the life. You are faced with many choices and need to learn to listen to how the Holy Ghost talks to YOU individually so that you can continue down good paths.

Scripture: Doctrine & Covenants 11:12-14

"Let The Holy Spirit Guide"


The summer before starting 4th grade, my family moved from a very, very rural town in South Carolina to a much bigger town about 30 minutes outside of Atlanta Georgia. My father had moved to down to start his new career earlier and after school ended, my mother loaded my older brother, me and my baby brother into her car and headed to Georgia to join my dad.

The trip was going well until we came upon the "Spaghetti Junction" in Atlanta - a detail my Dad left out when giving my Mom directions. When this small town girl approached a string of roads going in every direction, it was too overwhelming for her. She pulled over and cried and cried. This was in the 80s, before cell phone, beepers or GPS navigational systems.

She was alone in a huge new town, three small children in her car and so many roads ahead of her, how would she know which one to take?

My mother was the greatest example of prayer. That is all we could do as we sat on the side of the highway. That is how we knew which road to take and have the courage to follow that answer as well.

Was my mother scared? Absolutely.

I remember the fear and tears streaming from her eyes as she pressed on the gas pedal and with courage continued on.

This is the same for all of us today. There are MANY paths in which our lives can take. How will you know which path is right for you?

Personal revelation is just that:

PERSONAL: just for YOU.

REVELATION: divine guidance, protection, inspiration

It wasn't to far down the road that she realized we were headed in the right direction. Our loving Heavenly Father is the same. There's not a path that He will lead us down that is wrong. If we seek to know which road to take - and take the courage to follow the RIGHT path - we will be blessed.

We have also been promised to know if a decision we've made is right or wrong.

The Holy Ghost speaks to each of us differently and in different ways. Learn how He speaks to you and have courage to act...

From President Monson's 4-minute General Conference address in April 2016; "May we ever choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong."

How to Receive Personal Revelation: Pray, Read Your Scriptures, Fast, Attend the temple, Act on Good thoughts, block out outside influences (phones, TV, social media, bad music, etc), Listen to the still small voice, ACT!  These are some of the ingredients to help you learn how to receive revelation for yourself.

1. What is understanding personal revelation important?

2. How does or has the Holy Ghost taught you?

3. What personal revelation are you currently seeking? What ingredients are you missing in order to receive the revelation you're seeking?

4. What are the two different ways Elder Bednar describes receiving revelation in this video?

5. Name other thoughts that stood out to you during the video.


The next time you lose your cell phone, keys, homework, etc. - I challenge you to go to the Lord in sincere prayer to know where to look for the lost item(s). Pay attention to the thought(s) that come into your mind - even if it seems silly or even if you've already looked in those spots. It's vital you ACT on every thought.

Doing so, I am confident you will begin to learn the power of personal revelation!

Even though you may think Heavenly Father doesn't care where my keys are -- He does care, because it is important to YOU and you are the most important to Him!



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06/12/2016 12:29am

I agree with this article! While you’re growing up, you need the guidance and love of your parents to guide you to the right path that you are meant to take. However, sometimes we think that we know the best for ourselves so we choose the wrong choices and realize that we need to go back to the people who really know the best for us. When I was a teenager, I was like that. Thankfully, my parents were always there for me even though I was hard-headed to choose the right path every time. One day, I realized that I need to grow up and be the best that I want to be. While we were eating on that particular day, God talked to me to be a full-time church worker to help others to find the right path for them. I think that my parents’ efforts to bring me back every time I made a mistake paid off to help me to become the man that I am today.

10/22/2016 7:32am

What a poignant and touching story. Yes, our parents had taught us many things in life for us to be strong and preventive. Their rules and strict guidance showed how much concerns and how much they protect us from all source of harm. Eventually as we grow older, it mold us and help us to be a better one. While considering all the lessons learned from our childhood life's experiences, it is indeed a remarkable amazing one to experience miracle and guidance from our Divine Providence and Holy Spirit. Such a miracle and amazing story to open our hearts and soul on receiving and believing more personal revelation with our Family's courage and support.

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