Need a quick and easy way to track all of your weekly family activities, events, meetings and so forth?!
Download our FREE FAMILY WEEKLY PLANNER printable -- jot down your upcoming events for the week and post on your fridge, by the back door or wherever you can glance at it quickly and often throughout the week! Enjoy!

Have items you would like to have a printable for?

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12/19/2016 5:17am

This printable activity planner is really useful for students like me. I have the tendency of forgetting something even if I was already reminded of that a few times. I plan to post this everywhere in the house so I would not forget a single activity that I would do. Haha. I'd print many so I could also share this to friends who's hobby is also to forget things. Lol. Thanks for this. I hope you'd share more ideas like this.


I will print this useful activity planner right now. It will be better for my family to use it.


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