Christmas Letter Stationary-FREE PRINTABLES!

Family Night or any night– gather your family together and print off some of the FREE CHRISTMAS STATIONARY PRINTABLES and write letters to those that are alone, in the hospitals, nursing homes, widows, etc.

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Family Home Evening Christmas Stationary Free Printable copy

Free Christmas Printable

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Christmas Service Countdown Service

“Christmas Service Countdown Family Home Evening
Purpose: To reflect on serving one another in our families during the Christmas season. Often times we can focus on selfish thoughts during this gift-giving season. It’s important that we strive to keep the focus on being selfless as our Savior was as we celebrate His birth.

     “Over the years, many people, especially youth, have asked me, “Elder Cuthbert, how can I become more spiritual?” My reply has always been the same: “You need to give more service.
       Service changes people. It refines, purifies, gives a finer perspective, and brings out the best in each one of us. It gets us looking outward instead of inward. It prompts us to consider others’ needs ahead of our own. Righteous service is the expression of true charity, such as the Savior showed.” – Elder Derek A. Cuthbert, Ensign May 1990

Here are a list of ways service helps us become more spiritual:

1.      Helps us see true value in material things vs. things of the eternal value
2.      Service establishes a righteous tradition. Start serving when you’re young and that will lead to more willingness to serve throughout your life in the community and church.
3.      Service helps us overcome selfishness and sin.
4.      Service helps us generate love and appreciation.
5.      Service is the principle in which we show gratitude to our Savior.
~ What ways have you been served? How did it make you feel?
~ What are some ways that you’ve served others?
~ How did it make you feel when you’ve served someone else?
~ Why should we focus on service during the Christmas season?
Activity Ideas: *This activity requires prep work*
Prep work for countdown chain: Count down the days from FHE night until Christmas Day. Cut out equal sized strips of red and green construction paper to make the countdown chain. 
P    Pick one of the ways stated below to use each section of your chain. Remember that the service continues and includes Christmas Day.
W  1. With each section of the chain you can write an act of service to perform as a family.
2.      2. Each night at dinner you can take a piece of the chain off and describe what acts of service each family member did during that day. 
5-Minute Chocolate Pie

Ingredients:1 Ready Graham Cracker Pie Crust 1 1/4 C. cold milk 2 pkg. (4- serving size) chocolate instant pie pudding mix 1 tub (8 oz.) whipped topping (thawed) 1. Beat milk, pudding and half the whipped topping together in medium bowl with a wire whisk for one minute. The mixture will thicken. 2. Pour into ready-made crust. 3. Top with remaining whipped cream. You can eat it right away or chill until ready to eat!

Back to School Service Project Ideas

Family Home Evening: Back to School Service Project Ideas

A new school year is just around the corner. There are many stores that are already advertising their back-to-school sales. One thing I loved was going to the store and purchasing my new school supplies. There’s just something fun and exciting about getting brand new pencils, notebooks, binders, backpacks and so on. However, there are many that are unable to experience the thrill of going to get the very basics to begin their new school year.

Gather your family, group, neighborhood, church group, etc and make a check list of basic back-to-school items that you can circulate around your circle of influence and seek donations of these items. Remember that you can take these lists into local medical offices and businesses and ask for them to gather items as well as an office service project.

Here is a simple supply list for you to use:

– #2 Pencils

– Crayons

– Color Pencils

– Scissors

– Erasers

– Glue Sticks

– Spiral notebooks

– Pencil case

– Pocket folders

– Pkg. lined paper

– Binders

– Rulers

-Black, blue and red pens

– Calculators

– Boxes of tissue

– Hand Sanitizer

– Subject dividers

– Pocket dictionary/thesaurus

– Highlighters

– Student Planner/Calendar

– Stapler/Stapler remover

*Once you have your items collected contact your local schools and school district and find out how you can drop the needed items off to be distributed to those who the schools/districts know are in need.

This is a very simple service project that you can involve just you and your spouse, your children, group, organization and so on and make such a huge difference in helping someone in need.

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FREE PRINTABLE for the School Kits: 

Use this printable as a tag on your kits! (It prints as a 4 x 6 print. You can hole punch the top right corner to tie around your kits)

Back to School Service Project copy


New Year’s Resolution Game & Time Capsule With Kids

Family Home Evening New Years Activities for children copy

Resolve for Some Fun

To make resolutions or not make resolutions. That is the question.

It’s the annual task of deciding if we want to resolve to make changes in our lives– have better health, manage finances better, send more Thank-You notes, etc. I made a resolution this year to not make a resolution. I am guilty of buying a planner, filling up the birthdays, anniversaries and other special dates and planning out the first two weeks– then forgetting to use it the other 50 weeks.

So, this year, have a little fun with your resolutions.

1. Gather with your family and friends and make a list of your resolutions on individual slips of paper.

2. Give each participant a piece of paper and read aloud the resolutions and have everyone write down who they think the resolution belongs to.

3. Reveal who the resolutions belong to and the person the most correct answer- WINS!


Create A Time Capsule

You may find yourself holding a cell phone, or driving a car that can park itself, or video calling family or friends over your computer (or from the palm of your hand) and wonder– how did we get to this point? Remember life before such mobile and amazing technology? It wasn’t that long ago that we all had beepers/pagers as a means of getting a hold of each other. Now we have text messages, video texts and so on!

What will it be like in five, 10 or even 20 years from now?

Capture today by creating a time capsule.

Materials Needed:

Capsule: Use a large hot chocolate canister, or paint can (you can purchase empty ones from craft stores- don’t forget the lid)– or something similar- for your time capsule. Make sure that it can withstand elements if you decide to bury the capsule.

Decorations: You may want to decorate the outside of your capsule. You can use newspaper clippings, magazine photos, etc to decorate the outside. Don’t forget to include the year of your capsule and the date that it will be opened in the future.

Decide as a family the following things when creating your capsule:

What will your time capsule include? How many items can each person contribute? What date do you want to open your time capsule? Where will your time capsule be stored or buried? What photos will you put in? What items that represent this year can you include in the capsule (for example, someone’s old out-of-use cell phone to show changes in technology and so on)?

Include the following printable for each family member that you are including in the time capsule:


Family Home Evening-Time Capsule for Children copy















FREE TIME CAPSULE PRINTABLE: (Click on link below for PDF file)

Family Home Evening-Time Capsule for Children



Fall Into Service-Lesson banner copy

Purpose: November is a time where we reflect on our many blessings and being thankful for what we have all been given. This is a Family Home Evening lesson that is about serving others and showing gratitude for the role others have played in your life.

Hymn: “Prayer of Thanksgiving”

Scripture: Psalms 100:4-5


Why should we show gratitude for our blessings?

How has someone that has served you made you feel?

How does it feel to serve others?


Print off the leaves that are included on the printable.

Color them & write on each leaf something that you’re grateful for about someone in your neighborhood, school, family, etc. You can “LEAF ATTACK” their home (door) with the leaves of gratitude. What a great service to leave someone to find all the reasons why they’re important to YOU!

Fall Into Service-Leaf Attack Ativity copy